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How to recover the Word/Excel/PowerPoint files deleted accidentally by mistake?


deleted office files recovery

Office document files are always the important files in our computer especially for the office stuff. We take some measures to protect the import files from stolen by encryption, signature and so on. And most of people will backup their important documents. But still, some times we will lose our Word/Excel/PowerPoint files because of some mistakes like:

Deleted Word/Excel/PowerPoint files without backup by your mistake,

Reinstall your system so you lost your Office files,

PowerOff when editing a Word/Excel/PowerPoint file,

Deleted office document by virus infecting,

The Office documents are forced to quit unexpectedly, Closed your Office documents without saving,

Unknown reason that you cannot find your Office document,


When you lost your Word/Excel/PowerPoint file unfortunately, calm down and try to recover them by yourself, the deleted or formatted files are recoverable with Odboso File Retrieval. Besides the software, there are other free ways for you. Follow the methods below!


Open your Recycle Bin to restore them

If you delete your Word/Excel/PowerPoint files, try to open your Recycle Bin, right click in the blank and select arrange by Delete Date, find the Word/Excel/PowerPoint you have deleted by mistake, and then restore them.

This is the easiest and common way to recover your deleted documents if you haven’t empty your Recycle Bin.


SHIFT+DEL delete, empty the Recycle Bin or format the disk? You need data Recovery software

In this situation, you cannot find your lost Word/PowerPoint/Excel document files in recycle bin, the third-party software, Odboso File Retrieval can recover the deleted, formatted and virus infected Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. Remember, do not add any new files to the place where your Word, PowerPoint, Excel delete from and recover them immediately with data recovery software without data overwritten. This will increase the chance of success for your document recovery.



Search your computer to find your lost Word/PowerPoint/Excel document files

Click “Start”, fill your document name to the search box, you will find all file in your computer with the name you filled.

Or, you can go to “My Computer”, CTRL+F, then choose the file format, and choose the date that your document create, and then search them.

In this way, you can find the document files you haven’t deleted but you cannot remember where you save to.


Search for Temporary or “~” Files.

When you editing or opening your Office files, there are Temporary files created in your computer, you can recover your lost Word/Excel/PowerPoint files with Temporary files.

Click Start- Search, and then click For Files or Folders.

Type the files format *.TMP or ~*.* in the box named files or folders and click Search Options

Select the Date check box, fill the days since you last opened the file.

Click Search Now.

Scroll down searching for files that match the last few dates and times that you edited the document.


With the method above, most of your deleted Word/Excel/PowerPoint document can recovered. If you cannot find them back but the files are so important, you need send your disk to professional data recover service with a high cost. If your Office document damaged you may need the file repair software but not the document file recovery program.




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