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How Do I Fix& Repair a Broken/Corrupt/Damaged SD Memory Card?


SD card errors make a lot of inconvenience. It may cause the data loss. And with a broken SD card in your digital cameras or phone, you cannot play them as usual. Now let’s learn the common SD memory card errors and fix the SD memory Card error by ourselves.

sd memory card errors


Here Are the Frequently Appeared SD Memory Card Errors

"Unsupported media card inserted, format now?" error in your smart phone,
“Media is not formatted would you like to format now?” error,
SD memory card was not uninitialized,
The SD card cannot be recognized or read by computer,
The computer shows the SD memory card drive letter, but you cannot open it “Please insert the drive I?”
“SD memory card error” when playing games with game device like Sony PlayStation,
“No SD memory card inserted” messages appears when using digital cameras,
“A media card hard been inserted that contains errors. Do you wish to repair the Media Card now?”
You can read the files on SD memory card, but you cannot write new files or you cannot edit files on SD memory card,
“Access denied”, when SD card is corrupted or broken,

... ...


Fix SD Memory Card Errors

A SD Memory card with a physical damage can be hardly repaired by us. The best way to repair SD memory card with physical damage is sent it to a data recovery service to find back your important data, of cause with a high cost. But for most SD card error, we can fix it with some easy steps.


Clean your memory card: sometimes you can connect your SD card but sometimes you cannot. That is because the dust on SD memory card or the card slot may cause a bad contact with SD memory card. After you cleaning the dust away you may fix this error and the SD memory card work again. If you cannot connect your SD memory card to a special device but you can connect it to others, the SD slot may broken in that device, you need to change a SD slot.


Unlock your SD memory card: If you can read files on the card, but cannot edit files or add new files to SD card, the memory card is write protect or locked. To fix this memory error, you can slide the Lock (on the left side of the SD Memory card) up.

Format your SD card: you can read files on SD card when SD card is connecting to computer, but the SD card doesn’t work on smart phone or digital cameras. It continues tell you to format your SD memory card, why? There are 3 file system formats on SD memory card, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS. The computer can read file with all of these 3 file system formats but some mobile device can only read files on FAT 16 file system. The best way is, backup your important files to your computer, and then format your SD card with the device that cannot read the SD card. If you have formatted your SD card without backup, you can unformat your SD memory card to restore your important files with data recovery tool. If you lost files from SD memory card, this tool will also help you to recover your lost files from SD memory card.


Repair a corrupt SD memory card: you can scan the memory card errors with your computer if you can access the SD memory card via computer. On Windows XP/Vista/7, right click the SD memory card in “My Computer”, Properties>>Tools>>Error-Checking>>Check Now. Then select the “Automatically repair errors in the files system” check box under Check disk options. Start check and the computer will try to repair all errors in the files system on your corrupt SD memory card.




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