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Format Hard Disk Recovery -Formatted Partition Recovery


Every hard disk need to format before the first use. Only by formatting the hard disk, the Operation System can read and recognize a new hard disk. You may need to format your hard disk to the right file system for special use. For example, if you want to install Windows System, you need to format your partition to FAT or NTFS format. And, if you need to install Linux System, you may format your partition to EXT2, EXT3. For SD card, you always need to format it to FAT file system for some digital cameras.


Also, we format our hard disk or partition for erasing data, for reinstall operation systems. But what I want to tell you is, formatting is not a safe way to erase your data on your computer, because formatting just delete the internal address tables but not the data. The files on formatted hard disk/Partition can be recovered no matter quick format or complete format even you format your disk many times.


format recovery


Sometimes your may accidentally format your hard disk/SD card/Partition by mistake and find your important files lost, for example:
Virus cause the disk reformatting,
Hard Disk cannot be recognized, put format your disk,
Software corrupt and format the disk,

And, sometimes when you reformat SD card or hard disk, you may get a black screen and it shows you that there are some errors with your computer like:
Operating System not found,
Invalid FAT,
Corrupted FAT,
Invalid command.com,
Primary/Secondary Hard disk failure,
Non system disk found,
Disk error,



This kind of format or format error will cause the data loss. But, don’t panic, format recovery will recover your lost files from formatted/reformatted disk or SD card. Because when your format the disk or partition, you only erased the internal address table, but not the file data. The place you have formatted is only marked as rewriteable, so if you haven’t overwritten the place your files stored in, format recovery is a surprise for you!


Now, recover your files from formatted hard disk, partitions, or external storage devices.

First, download data recovery for format recovery and install it on your computer. Need software for Mac format data recovery?


Second, choose the partition you have formatted, or connect the formatted SD card, external storage devices to your computer and select the device for scanning.


Third, preview and recover the formatted files. It is recommended to recover the formatted data to a different partition or device rather than the partition you have formatted.


If you want to erase your data forever, it is suggested to format your disk and then overwritten your hard disk several times.
Or, you can find some professional disk wiper tool to erase your data completely. 





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