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Data Recovery-How Does Data Recovery Software Works


Can the deleted files be recovered? The answer is YES, it possible! But, it’s no mean you can 100% recovered them, sometimes you may failed to recover you deleted files.


First, we will talk about the principle of the data recovery


To improve the efficiency of the whole computer system, when deleting a files (or example, clear a file from recycle bin or Trash bin), the system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and so on, will not wipe the data from your hard disk. It just mark the disk place where your once stored your deleted files as available to reuse.  When you need to use this space for new files, you can directly write data on this place, and do not need to keep the original files.


Obviously, if we have not rewritten new files to the place where the original files deleted, the original files are still there! The Operation System just pretends that the OS doesn’t recognize the deleted files. It is why data recovery software can recover the deleted files: the data recovery software don’t pay attention to what the operation system remark, it directly read the files which are remarked as “deleted” by operation system and recover to a specified file folder. It’s just the principle of the data recovery software.  Format is similar. Data recovery software can also recover files from formatted hard disk, USB flash disk and removable disk and so on.


How about if the place where you stored the deleted files is rewrite by new data before data recovery? In this situation, the deleted files are highly possible destroyed by new data. The data recovery software will try to repair the deleted files, but it’s not 100% successful. If the data recovery software failed to repair the destroyed files, we cannot recover over data with software. So, after data deletion, it is better to keep your hard disk from new data adding in, it will improve the success rate of data recovery!


Because of the reason above, in order to increase the data recovery success rate, when you take data recovery software to recover deleted files, it is recommended follow the tips as below:


The first one: If you need to recover deleted files from a partition, for example, partition E. you’d better do not write this partition with new files. Do not install new program in this partition, do not save files, copy files. Because these processes will add new data to the hard disk, so your deleted files which need to recover may destroyed!


Then the second one: Please save your recovered files to a different partition. Otherwise, it will overwrite the other deleted files which you want to recover in another time.


Then the third one is, stop your running program or process as quick as possible. Because the running program may generate tons of temporary files, and this temporary files may overwrite your hard disk.


The last one is, do not save your important files in the system partition (the partition where you installed your operation system). The system partition is a place with frequently reading and writing. So, if you deleted files from system partition, it is hard to recover deleted files than other partitions.


Below is the download link for data recovery software.






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