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iPhone Music/Songs Recovery-How to Recover Delete Songs from iPhone?

Here are the questions:

I lost all of my music after upgrading my iPhone, can I get it back somehow?
I lost all of my songs after updating iPhone 4 to 4.2.1, is there any way to recover songs from iPhone?
My little boy deletes all of my songs in iPhone 5 when the iPhone fall to his hand, Opps … No! I know it’s my fault that I have not backup my songs anywhere.
Someone stole my iPhone which I had purchased songs to, can I get them back?
And more, you will lose your songs from iPhone accidentally because of Jailbreak, water damaged, factory settings restore or sync failure and so on.


Here is the answer:

Yes, recover deleted or lost songs from iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS is possible even you have not backup. But most of us don’t know it, and just wait until you lost the songs on iPhone forever! There is a saying on internet said that if you delete files from iPhone without backup, you have no chance to recover them. I want to say, it’s wrong! The reason is, when you delete files from iPhone storage accidentally by mistake, the files are not delete in fact! The iOS just mark the delete place as available to overwrite. So, if you do not take any new files to your iPhone, the file will still here wait for you to undelete them.


How iPhone songs recovery software works:

Wondershare Dr.Fone is the first iOS device data recovery software, it can recover lost files like music from iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS both on Windows and Mac platform. How it works?
Undelete songs, music, notes, photos, bookmarks, messages, call histories, videos and more.
Recover deleted songs even without any backup,
Recover data even if your iPhone device is stolen, broken, damaged, lost,
Retrieve iPhone music and other data lost due to jailbreak, iOS upgrade, factory settings etc,
Support recover songs from iPhone5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPad 2, New Pad and iPad mini.


How to use Dr.Fone to perform iPhone songs recovery step by step?

There are 2 ways to recover delete or lost files from iPhone with Wondershare Dr.Fone, it’s depend on your iPhone situation.
If your iPhone can power on as usual, and you delete your songs from iPhone without iTunes backup, take the first mode- Recover from iOS Device!
If you cannot access your iPhone or it cannot power on, take the second mode- Extract from iTunes backup.


How to recover songs from iOS device?

Connect iPhone to your computer, launch Wondershare Dr.Fone, select “Recover from iOS Device” mode, follow the guide on the software interface to enter the DFU mode. After successfully enter the DFU mode, Dr.Fone will scan your iPhone automatically!


All files which can be recovered will list on the left, select a right file format, and then click “Recover” button.



How to recover songs by extracting files from iTunes backup?

Start Dr.Fone, slide to “Extract Files from iTunes Backup” mode (You need install the program to the computer which stored your iPhone iTunes backup files). Then select the iTunes backup files for your iPhone songs backup to scan.


After the scanning, you can preview your songs list with Dr.Fone and recover songs from iPhone.


Dr Fone Free Download Windows Version

Dr Fone Free Download Mac Version





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