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How to get deleted whatsapp chat history back from android phone?

In our daily life, touchscreen devices like Phone, Pad makes our life more colorful but mean while the touchscreen devices also be frustrating. For example, I always delete my WhatsApp chat history with a simple tap on the wrong option.


Just like this, I men to hit "Add a conversation shortcut", but instead I tapped "Delete chat" and clicked "Yes" quickly with my android phone.


So I lost my WhatsApp chat history. Sometimes it is inconvenient to ask people send files to you again but the deleted files in WhatsApp history is really important. So how to get deleted WhatsApp chat history from android phone?


Retrieve Android WhatsApp chat history deleted less than 7 days

WhatsApp will store your chat history on your android phone for 7 days. So, if you delete your WhatsApp chat history create less than 7 days older, you are lucky! WhatsApp automatically backup your chat history at 4 AM every day and stored the backup files to your SD card. To retrieve lost WhatsApp chat history, just uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall this App. The app will promote you to restore your chat history.


Please note:

a, The current messages will be overwrite by this way.

b, You can only retrieve deleted WhatsApp chat history less than 7 days old .


Get older deleted WhatsApp chat history back


Retrieving WhatsApp chat history deleted more than 7 days is more difficult. But there are still 2 methods to get it back.


Method one, get deleted WhatsApp chat history back manually


All backup files are stored in /SDcard/WhatsApp/Databases.


1. In this file folder, the current backup files are stores as "msgstore.db.crypt" or "msgstore.db.crypt5". You can change this name to "msgstore.db.crypt.current" so you will not lose your current backup files when you retrieving your older WhatsApp history.

2. Choose the backup files you need to restore, change the file name "msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt5" to msgstore.db.crypt5". YYYY means year, MM means month, DD means day.

3. Uninstall your WhatsApp and reinstall it.

4. Click "Restore" to retrieve your WhatsApp chat history.



Method two, retrieve deleted WhatsApp chat history from Android device with Dr.Fone for Android.


Dr.Fone for Android support retrieve deleted files from more than 2000 Android device without backup. Here are the steps for you to get deleted WhatsApp chat history from Android devices.

1. Connect your Android devices to your computer which has installed Dr.Fone for Android.

2. Scan your device with Dr.Fone for Android.

3. Preview your WhatsApp chat history and select the files you need to restore.

4. Click "Recover" to get your deleted WhatsApp chat history back.




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