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Seagate Data Recovery| Undelete Recover Lost Files from Seagate Hard Drive


Seagate offers excellent build quality, high capacity, and high speed drives for years include it external hard drive. Seagate hard disk drive is the top 3 selling hard drive in the world. Millions of people with Seagate disk in their computer and most of you may meet the problem: How to recover data from Seagate hard drive? Virus, wrong operations by people, Seagate corruption, accidentally deletion may cause the data loss from Seagate. So, is there any way to undelete Seagate?


Yes, you can undelete files from Seagate, and you can even unformat the Seagate hard disk. Seagate itself provides users data recovery software and data recovery service with a high cost. But there are few of powerful data recovery software are cost-effective.



Before perform a Seagate data recovery, the most important thing is: do not add any new files to your Seagate internal diver or external hard drive. The reason is: when you undelete a files from Seagate, the files are not delete really. The system only marks the place as available to reuse. It can improve the efficiency of system. After you overwrite the place where you delete the files, the files will lose forever. Format is the same, when you format a partition from Seagate, format process just marked your Seagate hard disk as available to reuse, no matter it is quick format or complete format. So, keep your Seagate drive safe for data recovery is necessary, no overwritten!


Wondershare data recovery, for Windows and Mac, provide you 5 data recovery modes. It includes lost file recovery, raw recovery, recover files from iTunes (for iOS device), resume recovery and partition recovery. Plus, it support all of the Seagate hard drive including portable Seagate external hard drives, desktop Seagate external hard drives, laptop internal hard drives, desktop internal hard drive, solid state & hybrid drives and so on. It can run in computer with the system windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and OS X 10.8(Mountain Lion), 10.7, 10.6, or 10.5 and support recover files from Seagate with the file system FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, HFS+, HFSX, NTFS.


Seagate data recovery- Step by step guide:

First, install the program on your computer to a different partition where you have delete files or format the partition. If you want to recover data from a external Seagate drive, connect it to your computer. Run data recovery program.


Second, choose a recovery mode for you. Each recovery mode is suit for the special situation. You may find how to use in the software panel as below:
seagate hard drive data recovery


Third, select a partition where you lost your data to scan. A partition with large volume will take maybe hours, be patient when scanning. If you want to stop scanning, you can save the scanning result for next time.


Last, when the scanning finished, preview your lost files. For Seagate data recovery software, it is highly recommended to try before buy. If you find the deleted files, click Recover to save your recovered files to your computer!


Are there any ideas to protect data from losing?

Yes, the best one is the habit of backup important files usually. Backup it to cloud is a good idea. Then, do not pull out the power when PC is running. Shock the Seagate drive violently will reduce the drive life. Keep your Seagate hard disk clean can also protect your drive.





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