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Undelete partition| Partition undelete tool to recover files from deleted partition


If you delete a partition for some purpose, the windows partition will mention you that it will erase all of data on the partition. You can backup your files so you don’t need to undelete the partition after you delete it.


But there are always some mistakes make you delete your partition like:


Virus: Some virus will modify your MBR (Master Boot Record), so your computer cannot recognize your partition.
CMOS battery failure, the partition may not appear on your computer.
Hardware: If you do not connect your hardware well, for example, Graphics, Memory, you may not find your partition.
Bad sectors: If there are bad sectors on in your hard disk and you have not shielded it, so it destroys the MBR, you may lose your partition.


If you lost your partition with important files lost, a undelete partition is necessary. Open your Disk Management to check your partition status. A delete partition will show as below.

1. Showing as a free space without a drive letter

2. Showing as Unallocated




You cannot read the partition volume in “My Computer” and all of the files stored in this kind of partition cannot be read in your computer, and the data cannot store in this place. It just like your hard disk size becomes smaller than before!  


How to open Disk Management?

In Windows 8, open Run from the Apps screen
In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, click on the Start button.
In Windows XP and earlier, click on Start and then Run.
Type the following command in the text box:
...and then hit the Enter key or press the OK button, depending on where you ran the command from.


Recover files from deleted partition


Rescue your data from deleted partition, remember:
Do not run Disk Defragmenter program,
Do not format your delete partition,
Do not extend your partition.
Avoid doing operation as above, you can keep your file in deleted partition safe to recover!


Perform a partition recovery to undelete partition, recover data from deleted partition

Step 1, download a data recovery program, which contains the undelete partition function and installed on your computer. If you want to undelete partition from external hard disk, connect the disk to your computer.


Step 2, run the program, turn to Standard Mode, and choose Partition Recovery mode.

Step 3, Select a physical drive, if you have more than one physical drive on your computer. Then the program will find all of partitions (include deleted partition) and list it in the interface. Select the right partition, click “Start” to scan your deleted partition.

Here you can see that the partitions are renamed in this program, you can find out which partition is lost or deleted according to partition size. It will take long time if the partition size is large.


After the scanning, you can undelete partition files with click the “Recover” button. But before recover files from deleted partition, it is suggested to preview your lost file first.

There are 2 ways to organize the files from deleted partition.
The first one is, organize files with file type, for example, you can find all photos and images in Graphic catalog and you will find your movies, videos in Video catalog.
Then the second one is, organize files with path. The files path is kept for you. You can keep the structure of your files.


Make sure there is a place which can save amount of files, and save your files recover from deleted partition.







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