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How to Unformat Mac Disk Drive or External Hard Drive Formatted on Mac


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Before you unformat your formatted Mac hard drive, I want to say that backup is always the best way to recover your formatted Mac hard disk. Time Machine is powerful backup software for your Mac. But it is not to say that if you format an external hard disk on Mac or Mac hard drive, you cannot unformat them. You still have big chance to recover files from formatted Mac disk with Mac data recovery software.


The theory to unformat a Mac hard disk is, when you format a Mac HFS+/HFSX Volume or format a external hard disk, the data are not really wiped. Format process just marked your Mac hard disk as available to reuse, no matter it is quick format or complete format. So if you put if you fill in a mount of new data to your hard drive, then the formatted data are overwritten, your will permanently lose your formatted data.

As we have understand the theory of unformat Mac hard drive, keep your hard disk safe. Things as below will

decrease the success rate of unformat Mac.


1. Add new files to your Mac disk or keep running your Mac

2. Reformat your hard drive, partition your Mac volume Hard

3. disk get a physically damage


A safe Mac unformat tool is risk free, it will only read your hard disk when perform a format recovery process on Mac, it will not write any new data on your formatted partition or hard drive.


Data Recover for Mac unformat


1. Unformat formatted HFS+/HFSX Volume and external drive (FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS),
2. Recover photo, video, audio, document, archive, email from formatted Mac drive,
3. Unformat the partition which has deleted, lost, resized or corrupted,
4. Unformat Mac hard disk by quick format or complete format,
5. Can quickly scan your hard drive and read-only, risk free.




format recovery


format recovery Download free trial to unformat your hard drive on Mac



Ok, let follow the steps to unformat Mac

Install data recovery for Mac on your Mac. It is highly recommended not to install the program to the formatted hard drive. If you want to unformat an external hard drive, make sure you have connect it to your Mac.  


Launch the program. When you see the interface as below, select Lost File Recovery or Raw Recovery.
What's the difference:
Lost file recovery can recover files from formatted partition with file name and structure tree.
Raw recovery can scan your formatted drive deeper, and more powerful to unformat Mac. But when you recover files from formatted drive, you will lose the original file name.

unformat mac hard drive


With 1T volume or more on Mac, please be patient when the program is scanning, it will take maybe hours to finish the scanning. When the scanning finished, you can preview files from formatted volume on the software panel. Make sure you have found the files from your formatted Mac hard drive or external drive, then click Recover button to unformat them. It is suggested to save the unformatted files to a different place where you formatted, because you may need the deep scan to unformat your Mac again.

unformat mac hard drive_1


Want to unformat disk on Windows PC? Keep on reading here.


Tips to protect files lose from Mac disk formatting

1. Keep the good habit to backup your important files regularly, store them on CD/DVD or you can take some online storage service. Take Time Machine to backup your Mac.
2. When formatting a hard driver or reinstall your Mac OS, do double check your important data.
3. Set different limits of authority for different people to keep your Mac safe.
4. Encrypt your external hard disk


format recovery Download free trial to unformat your hard drive on Mac




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