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Q1: How do I recover data lost on a USB Flash Drive?

“So i have a USB Flash Drive, and I had it formatted for my Xbox 360, but i accidentally deleted one of the files. So I put it back into the Xbox and formatted it, unknowingly deleting all the files on the USB. Is there any way I can recover these formatted files from USB Flash Drive?”

Q2:Can deleted files on usb flash drive be restored if the files were deleted on a different computer?

“I lost my usb flash drive at school and managed to get it back. But when I opened it, all my files were gone and replaced with the thief's files. Am I still able to retrieve my files?”


Answer for Q1 above is YES! If you deleted files from USB Pen Drive, or format your USB flash drive by mistake, you can finally find them back with data recovery tool. But answer for Q2 is MAYBE! Because your files have been overwritten by others. So you maybe get some of your files back, but not all of them. The important is, when you find your files lost from USB flash drive, stop using your USB Flash drive any more in case the data overwritten.


USB Flash Dive is a data storage tool includes flash memory with integrated Universal Aerial Bus (USB). It is popular because of its removable and rewritable feature. At Sep 2011, the biggest USB Flash Drive is 256GB but what attract people is it’s physically much smaller than floppy disk and external hard disks. It is report that the 2T USB flash drives are in the plan.


Files will lose from USB Flash Drive because of:

Format USB Pen Drive accidentally by mistake,
Delete files from USB Drive without backup,
Power surges when you are dealing with your USB Drive,
Pull USB Drive out before ejecting usually,
Virus attack so you lost files from USB Drive, we often connect our USB drive to different computer so we it is easy attacked by virus.
Files System of USB Flash Drive is shows as RAW while it is FAT or FAT 32 in common.


If you encounter the issues above, please reject your USB Flash Drive from your computer and do not put any files to your USB Flash Drive and began to rescue data from your USB Flash Drive. Download File Recovery tool to recover files from your USB flash Drive.


After few clicks below, you will recover your deleted or formatted files from your USB Flash Drive

Download Files Recovery tool- ODBOSO File Retrieval and install it.
Plug-in your USB Flash Drive to your computer, and scan your USB flash drive as a removable disk.
Preview your lost files after scanning, recover files you have lost and save it to your computer hard disk.
If you missed some of the files with the first scanning, scan it again.

USB Flash Drive Recovery on Mac?

format recovery


format recovery Download free trial to recover your deleted or formatted files from USB Flash Drive


The file recovery tool support recovers deleted or formatted files from Transcend JetFlash, Edge DiskGO, Corsair Flash Voyager, SanDisk Cruzer, Imation Swivel, Lexar JumpDrive, Kingston Data Traveler, Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go, Sony Micro Vault, PNY Attache, HP Pen Drive, LaCie IAMAKEY, A-Data and moreā€¦


Tips, how to protect your USB Flash Drive from damaged

Do not pull out your USB Flash Drive from computer directly, pull it out after rejecting.
Scan your USB Flash Drive with Anti-Virus when you open it.
Far away from water, oil and dirty
Drag files from USB disk to computer hard disk for reading and editing rather than open it directly in your USB flash drive.



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